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Operating Manuals

Operating Manuals & Technical Memoranda: This section is reserved for our customers as a valuable resource to insure they have the latest versions of our operating manuals. Additionally, it can be a valuable resource for government agencies tasked with control and enforcement of air curtain burners.

The manuals listed below have been updated to reflect the latest Air Burners models, however, they are also applicable to earlier models with Kubota engines. The general operational principles also apply to "legacy" models fitted with Deere and older Perkins Diesel engines going back to 1988.

There is no charge for the documents. You are free to download and print these publications, however, Air Burners, Inc. reserves all rights. The manuals are subject to change without notice. © 1996-2017, Air Burners, Inc.

Title of Operating Manual or Memorandum
Rev. Date*

S-Series with Electric Motor - All Models
FireBox S-111E, S-116E, S-119E, S-220E & S-327E with 3-Phase Electric Motor and VFD Speed Controller

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S-119, S-116 & S-111
FireBox S-100 Series with either Perkins 404D.22T or Kubota V2403-TE Engine
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FireBox S220 with either Perkins 404D.22T or Kubota V2403-TE Engine
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FireBox S-327 with either Perkins 1104D.44T or Kubota V3600-TE Engine
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Trench Burner with either Perkins 404D.22T
or Kubota V2403-TE Engine
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Off-Road Towable FireBox with Kubota Z482-E3 Diesel Engine
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Trench Burner with Kubota V3600-TE Engine)
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Technical Memorandum: "Use of Thermo-ceramic Patching Compound for Minor Repairs of S-Series Refractory Panels"
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Ember Screen for S-Series (Option)
(Technical Instructions)
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(*)   Revision date can be found on the lower right hand corner of the cover page.
Contact Factory for earlier versions.

Contact Air Burners, Inc. for Operating Manuals for Custom Systems, such as FireBox systems with electric motors and VFD's.

Copyright ©1996-2017, Air Burners, Inc.
All Rights Reserved.

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